Hand Made Events

Garrett and Nicole launched Hand Made Events in 2011 while they were living just north of San Francisco. The first event in San Francisco was a staggering success, drawing over 3,500 people dressed all in white to picnic under the stars. Their vision to emphasize the beauty of the location and to bring people together over food and wine went far beyond their own initial expectations, and that evening in San Francisco continues to inspire them as the Pop Up Dinners expand and grow in cities across the U.S.

Nicole and Garrett live in Sonoma with their children Jack and Elle. If you show up to their house for dinner, you’ll likely step around sandy surf boards on the front porch when Nicole answers the door barefoot while Garrett is still cooking. They love to entertain and travel, and believe that food and wine are the best way to bring people together. Food is the how they celebrate and how they love. Running Hand Made Events is just one of the ways they are showing Jack and Elle that you can make up the rules as you go along, and that no dream is too big, even if your dream is throwing a dinner party with thousands of guests.

Nicole loves Sunset Magazine, chai lattes, and a clean house (even if with two kids it only lasts for five minutes). Garrett loves surfing, DJing, and getting creative in the kitchen. Together they love watching how each PopUp Dinner unfolds, as guests entertain in their own style, and the vibrant energy of a city plays out against the backdrop of the biggest dinner party you’ll likely ever attend.

PopUp [adj.] pertaining to or executing a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience.


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